Last Weekend of August, 2015 Fishing Reports

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

A perfect weekend for fishing. Saturday morning we ran a 3/4 day trip. The ride to the grounds had us sail through a pod of dolphins, but otherwise uneventful. It was a great day to be on the water. The fishing was good, there was a little full moon current that we had to work around, but very manageable. We caught a lot of fish, but most were short haddock. One person caught a fish on every drop, 16 sub legal haddock in a row! We made a move to the other side of the bank for the last stop and it was much improved. It was mostly haddock with a few pollock and cusk mixed in. Only a couple dog fish and no blue sharks.

Sunday August 30, 2015

Sunday we ran a full day trip, some regular customers with a few first timers, we headed out under slightly choppy conditions. The wind picked up from the southwest overnight and we took 1-3 foot seas at an awkward angle for the ride, picking up to 4 ft as we approached the fishing grounds, but not bad. As the day progressed, the wind disappeared leaving us fishing comfortably and a perfect ride home.
The fishing was very good. Easily obtained the boat bag limit for haddock with a few tipping the 7-8 lb range. We also had a few cusk, red fish, and pollock to round out the catch. The deck was busy all day and one of our top 3 days for catching dogfish. The current was such that it created many tangles with the help of the dog fish. The crew earned their pay today. When the dust settled, I believe everyone enjoyed our last trip where we will be able to keep haddock. Yes, that sly, most experienced regular angler swiped another pool with a nice cusk. Nice work Gene, Semper Fi!

Labor Day weekend is coming fast. We have been chartered by the US Navy to work the Schooner Festival in Gloucester for the USS Fort McHenry. There will be public tours offered, shuttled by the Lady Sea and crew.

For those of you that put your fishing gear away at Labor Day, we thank you for a wonderfully memorable season. More customers left the boat with fish this year than any other season and we were happy to have you as our guests. Those of you that still want to fish, we can still target pollock, red fish, cusk, and hake after September. Sign up to be on the Gloucester Fleet email list so we can update you of any future trips or happenings aboard the Lady Sea.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

August 21st – August 23rd Wrap-up

August 21st – August 23rd Weekend Wrap-up

This past weekend, we ran a full day trip, 2 three quarter day trips, and a half day trip. All trips were very similar. There were plenty of fish caught, most of which were sub legal haddock. The legal to sub legal ratio was about 1 keeper to every 5 non legal. It seems there is a new body of fish in our fishing areas, mostly small haddock. The surprising thing is the lack of dogfish, we caught only a handful all weekend. We continue to catch cusk, mackerel, red fish and some hake. We also saw many more keeper pollock this weekend up to 10 lbs and a 12 lb cusk on the half day trip. The full day trip came close to the bag limit on Friday. We caught some very nice cod and a big wolf fish on the weekend, which were all released back to the ocean alive.
It has been a fantastic summer. We have had many more people leave the boat with at least dinner this year. It’s too bad, as of September 1, the government has decided that we can no longer retain cod and haddock. That will negatively impact the entire party and charter boat business, though pollock, cusk, red fish, mackerel, and hake are still free game, it will be tough to get enough anglers to run trips. Please call with any interest, we will do our best to put trips together.
Sign up for our email list so you will know what our plans are…..BUT, this week, we have the following opportunities for you:
Saturday – 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Saturday – Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm
Next weekend we are going to once again assist the Navy with their shuttle service for the ship, USS Fort McHenry,  from the 4th of September through the 7th, during the Schooner Festival will be going on in the Gloucester Harbor, in Gloucester, MA.  If anyone is interested, there will be public tours of the ship.  You can contact the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce for the actual schedule.   Hope to see you on the water!

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

August 17th, 2015 – Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The morning 3/4 day trip was very good. We had a full boat and great weather. The fishing and catching was very good, we came very close to catching our bag limit of haddock; throw in a few pollock, cusk, and redfish to round out our catch. The pool fish was a pollock of 6 lbs, caught by one of our irregular regulars. A few dog fish were caught, but not a problem.
The afternoon half day trip was cancelled, then not cancelled. We went with a very light crowd, caught only a couple keepers, caught some nice cod that were returned unharmed. Not a great afternoon trip except for the weather was perfect, until we rounded the breakwater on our return. We got hit by a squall with zero visibility, heavy rain, lightning, and hail. By the time we got to the dock, the skies had cleared.

Sunday, August 16

Another perfect day to go fishing with warm weather, sunny skies, and calm seas. We had a private charter full day trip. On the way to the fishing grounds, we steamed through a school of dolphins, close to a basking shark, and an ocean sunfish (Mola Mola).
On the fishing ground, the tide was screaming, making it very difficult to catch fish and created many more tangles than we have seen in a long time. Eventually, the anchor was useless, so we drift fished the last few stops. By the end of the day, we came 14 haddock shy of our quota, but we added some pollock, cusk and hake to our catch. The white hake are the first that we have seen this year. Largest fish was a 8 pound cusk just beating a couple 7lb class haddock. We had a few blue sharks feeding on some of our catch which created some excitement, especially for our younger anglers.
Upcoming open boat trips include………
Thursday, August 20th – Half Day Fishing 10am-2:30pm
Friday, August 21st, All Day Fishing 7am-4pm
Saturday, August 22nd, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, August 23rd, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am -1pm
Sunday, Sugust 23rd, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm
Please call 978 559 1978 to make your reservations.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

Thursday August 13, 2015

Thursday August 13, 2015 Repeat.

The weather could not have been more ideal, cool morning, low humidity, light variable wind and clear skies. Today was a full day trip, many of our regulars were aboard once again.

The fishing and catching was great all day. Easily obtaining our haddock limit, a couple pollock and cusk rounded out the catch. It took the crew all the way to the breakwater to cut fish. Our most seasoned angler, Gene, Semper Fi ! took pool honors for the second Thursday in a row, this time with a cusk. I did not get a weight on it.  The blue sharks are here and a little annoying, but exciting too, right Tommy? Lucky you didn’t break your rod, the same one that was handed down to you and you threw over board a couple trips ago and was fortunate to recover.  

One unique sighting today was a large sea turtle swimming on the surface. Too bad summer is winding down, the fishing and catching has been so good this year.

This weekend we have the following trips available….

Saturday – 3/4 Day Fishing from 7am – 1pm

Saturday – Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm

Check out our schedule for next week on our website at

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

August 6th, 2015 – ALL DAY FISHING

Thursday, August 6th, 2015 All Day Fishing

Today was our first trip since returning from a week in Rockland, ME tendering for the USS Tortuga at the Maine Lobster Fest.

The weather could not have been more ideal, cool morning, low humidity, light westerly wind and clear skies. Not exactly an ideal recipe for catching fish, but the fish missed as they were ready and waiting to bite.

Today was a full day trip, many of our regulars were aboard, telling stories of what they did while we were away and how happy they were that we were back to fishing! These people enjoy fishing and will fish other boats when we are unavailable, but keep coming back to the Lady Sea, which a compliment to the experience we provide and we appreciate their loyalty.

The fishing and catching was great all day long. Haddock were the rule of the day, a couple pollock and cusk rounded out the catch. It took the crew all the way to the breakwater to cut fish. Our most seasoned angler, Gene, took pool honors with a pollock, I did not get a weight on it. Too bad cod don’t count this year, huh Mark? Mark’s cod would have been the winner. The blue sharks are here and a little annoying, but exciting too.

 HA, take a look at this picture, puts the Lady Sea in perspective………..


We have a busy schedule coming up with charters and open boat trips. Keep in mind, only a little over 3 weeks until the haddock season closes. With the number of pollock, cusk, red’s, hake, mackerel, and whiting around, we intend to offer trips into September and beyond if possible.

We have the following open boat trips scheduled:………………

Wednesday, August 12th – 3/4 Day Fishing 8am – 2pm
Thursday, August 13th – All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Saturday, August 15th – 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Saturday, August 15th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm

Please call us at 978 559 1978 to make your reservation.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Week Ending July 26th, 2015

July 21st through July 26th

For the Lady Sea, it was a choppy week, a mix of charters, half day, full day, and 3/4 day trips. The fishing was generally good. The full day trips limited out on haddock and caught some pollock and cusk as well. The 3/4 day trips continue to provide the mixed bag that we expect, haddock, pollock, red fish, mackerel, and cusk. The half day trips were ok, not great for keepers, but plenty of action including small haddock, whiting, small cod, pollock of all sizes, and some redfish. The Saturday am 1/2 day was met by a strong NE wind, 3-5 foot seas that negatively impacted our catch for legal fish and was a little uncomfortable. The full day corporate charter caught plenty of fish, but many anglers left the boat missing their shoes….don’t ask! Dog fish have been very manageable, and ask any of our regulars, this has been one of the best fishing and catching seasons we have had in many years.

 The Lady sea is taking the next week off to head Down Maine to help our Navy friends at the annual Lobster Festival in Rockland, ME. But, when we come back, we have the month of August to fish before the fall regulations take effect September 1st.

We have the following trips available:

Thursday, August 6th – All Day  7am – 4pm
Saturday, August 8th – Half Day 1:30pm-6pm
Monday, August 10th – All Day 7am – 4pm
Wednesday, August 12th – 3/4 Day – 8am – 2pm
Thursday, August 13th – All Day  7am – 4pm
Saturday, August 15th – 3/4 Day 7am – 1pm
Saturday, August 15th – Half Day 1:30pm -6pm

Check out our schedule on line for more trips through out the month of August.

Please call us at 978 559 1978 to make your reservations.  As always, we thank you for fishing with the Gloucester Fleet.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew







Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 3/4 Day Fishing Report

Tuesday, July 21st

Today we ran a ¾ day trip. The fishing and catching was excellent for the entire trip. Much like Sunday, we had too many below legal size fish. We ended up with a mixed bag of haddock, pollock, cusk, red fish, and mackerel. We had almost as many keeper Pollock as we did keeper haddock. The best news was the lack of dog fish, only a couple for the entire trip.

Still room on the weekends trips.  Give us a call at 978 559 1978.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew



Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 17-19, 2015 Wrap Up

Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 17-19, 2015

Three full day trips, three days of haddock limits. The fishing and catching this weekend was great. We reached our haddock limits on all three trips, we saw many more keeper Pollock up to 10 lbs. Saturday was a one stop day, and we caught fish the entire time.  Sunday was our slowest day in a while, but mainly because our catch consisted of many more dog fish and juvenile haddock. We moved to a slightly different area and produced more keeper haddock.
We have a very busy week ahead with charters and some non-fishing cruises, but do have room on the following open boat trips:

Tuesday – 3/4 Day Fishing 8am – 2pm
Saturday – Half Day  7am -11:30am
Sunday – 3/4 Day  7am – 1pm
Sunday – Half Day 1:30pm-6pm

Please call us at 978 559 1978 to make your reservation.  Spaces are filling up quick!

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

July 9th – July 12th Wrap-Up

Thursday, July 9
Half Day Trip

Mid week, the Half Day trip was very good. Seem to be quite a bit of action around the boat. For a half day trip, we got about 30 keepers and many throw backs. Seemed to be some new juvenile cod in the area that we have been fishing so we will start looking at some of our other in shore spots to avoid these fish.


Friday, July 10
All Day Trip

The rain cleared just as we threw the lines, with a light crowd of 19 anglers, we headed for the full day trip. About a half mile off the break water we had our first whale sighting of the weekend. We got to the fishing grounds and a big seal was swimming close by, not long after that, an ocean sunfish swam around the stern, and by days end, we had our first blue shark sighting of the year. We caught our haddock bag limit by noon, we found some nice size cusk and pollock to round out the catch. A 10 lb pollock took the pool over a 9.5 lb cusk. The dog fish have arrived, but have not been too bad yet.


Saturday, July 11
3/4 & Half Day Trips

The 3/4 day trip from 7am -1pm, had a very pleasant day of fishing. The fishing was good from start to finish. The day grounds gave us a variety of haddock, pollock, red fish, and cusk.  We also caught some mackerel as well. It’s a great trip for people that don’t want to give up an entire day. A couple dog fish(sand sharks) were caught which is always a hit with the younger generation, not so for the crew.

The afternoon Half Day day trip was a little slower, probably due to the calm weather. There were still plenty of fish on the sounding machine, but the bite was definitely off. I knew that when I saw a foul hook haddock on a bait rig come over the rail. Still another great day on the water.


Sunday July 12
Private Charter – All Day Fishing

Sunday, Funday….We have a number of private charters each year that we really look forward to hosting. Today was one of those events where the people who rent our services include us in their fun. The weather was perfect, the cigars were tremendous, and the fishing was great. A 2 stop day on a full day trip is very rare, but the fish kept coming over the rail. It was a large group and it was tough to keep track of each fish, but we did have a nice variety, mostly haddock by the end of the day.


Our schedule for this coming week is:

Tuesday, July 14th – All Day

Friday, July 17th – All Day

Sunday, July 19th – All Day

Give us a call at 978 559 1978 to make your reservations soon.


From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew



June 26th & 27th Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, June 26th, 2015
All Day Fishing  7am – 4pm

Excellent day of fishing. Today we had a full day open boat trip to Tillies. The fishing and catching was great from start to finish. Most fish caught were haddock in the 3-5 lb range with a couple larger ones in the mix. Cod were plentiful as well, all released back to the ocean alive. We caught our largest fish of the year, a 21 lb ‘steaker’ cod which of course was returned to it’s home unharmed. Some of our regular anglers said today was the best day of fishing they have had in many years. Then there our poster boy of good luck, Tommy. He recently acquired his father’s rod and reel, a hand me down as his father upgraded. The rod and reel were gently used but in great condition. This was Tommy’s maiden voyage with his new toy, well, Tommy fumbled it right over the rail to a watery grave, or so we thought as a little while later, another angler caught his rod in the ocean floor and brought it back to the surface. Tommy, it’s better to be lucky than good! And you will never hear the end of it from the crew or your father!


Saturday, June 27th, 2015
3/4 Day Fishing
7am – 1pm

Is it shark week? On the 3/4 day grounds, the dog fish have arrived chasing haddock up from the depths, tangling lines, and just being a nuisance. Working around the dog’s we had a very good morning trip with a wide variety of fish and many obtaining their haddock limits. A variety of pollock, cusk, and redfish rounded out the catch, with a 9 lb cusk beating a 7 lb cusk for pool honors. We had an ocean sunfish, Mola Mola, visit us on our first stop. A very productive trip in beautiful weather.

Saturday, June 27th, 2015
Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm

The afternoon half day trip was a bachelor party charter. These are usually fun trips with or without the fish. The fish cooperated, the dog fish have not found the in shore grounds and we had constant action for the entire trip. The majority of the fish caught were cod,  which were gently returned alive. We also got a mix bag of haddock, cusk, mackerel, and pollock.

This week, we put the fishing gear away and work as the shuttle service for the proud men and women of the USS Tortuga for the Fourth of July celebrations in Bristol, RI.  If you have time, there will also be a tour of the ship opened to the public.  Check with Rhode Island’s Chamber of Commerce for the exact time.

 Have a safe and happy 4th of July.  Our next fishing trip is scheduled for………………

July 9th, Half Day   1:30pm – 6pm
July 10th,  All Day  7am – 4pm
July 11th,  3/4 Day 7am – 1pm
July 11th, Half Day  1:30 pm – 6pm


From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


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