Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 Fishing Report


The first trip of the year was definitely one for the books. Obviously, we wanted to start our season on April 1st, but things didn’t work out that way with unavoidable complications with construction at the marina. However, the wait seems to have been worth it.


Saturday’s marathon trip was a perfect mix of circumstances that led to an awesome day. The weather was beautiful, the fish were biting, and the customers were up to the task.


We started our day with a 2 hour stop, in 250ft of water. We only drove 1:45 minutes to get there (fairly short ride). The bite started within minutes, almost exclusively all haddock. Bait fishing was the way, although we had customers using everything from clams and squid to leftover shrimp from their freezer. The fish didn’t seem to care. We did have to weed through some codfish at times, but never anything too crazy. We ended the day with a complete boat limit of almost 600 keepers.


Hopefully this bite continues through the rest of the spring…


We are still limiting the number of passengers on our trips for comfort’s sake; however, we have bumped the full-time number up to 35. With the price of fuel being so high, we are raising the passenger count to try not to have to charge any fuel surcharge to our ticket prices. 35 is still a low number and affords passengers lots of room to fish and spread out. 

Our regular schedule is Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the month of May, so make sure you call for reservations sooner than later. Don’t miss out. 

Our spring problems are behind us, we are running on all cylinders again. 
We look forward to seeing you all soon.