Wednesday, June 26th, Fishing Report

Today’s half day trip was a real gem. Half day fishing traditionally has some real ups and downs over the course of the season. It can be tough to find fish inshore, we don’t have tons of time and the customers aren’t always the most experienced. 

Today’s trip couldn’t have gone any better. We had 25 fairly inexperienced anglers, whose numbers included a lot of younger children. The weather was decent, and all of the customers paid attention to what the crew gave them for advice. We managed to put about 50 keepers on the boat, with not one person going home empty handed. 

Trips like these are so much fun, we as a crew enjoy them so much. Admittedly, the fishing is not always going to be this good, but when it is we try to take full advantage. 

We will be running a midweek half day trip all summer, which offers families the perfect opportunity to come give it a shot and enjoy the ocean.

Give us a call and make a reservation.  978 559 1978


June 22nd, & 23rd Fishing Reports

Saturday, June 22nd, 3/4 Day Charter

Saturday morning we had a Moose group on board for a private charter. Two years running now for this group aboard the Lady Sea. The trip did not disappoint. We caught around 50 beautiful haddock on the inshore grounds, and the weather cooperated nicely. What a fun trip. 

Sunday, June 23rd, Marathon Trip

Sunday’s limited load marathon turned out to be a successful day as well. When we left the dock at 5am, it was a little breezy. It got a little worse through the beginning of the morning, which made the fishing a little difficult. But, around 11, the wind began to die and the sun came out. Late morning through the afternoon was beautiful, and the fish did not disappoint.  Bait fishing ended up being the way, and the 30 anglers managed to put over 200 fish on board. Awesome day with a lot of smiling faces. 

Trips are filling up fast. For reservations please call us at 978 559 1978.


June 15th, & June 16th, Fishing Reports

Saturday marked our fist day of 3/4 day in the morning, and 1/2 day in the afternoon. 

The morning trip produced decent fishing, with a lot of customers going home with a haddock for dinner. The tide was a little harsh, making it tough going for the people who aren’t avid fishermen. The best advice I can give in those situations is to listen to the crew. The anglers who listened and payed attention, are the ones who caught fish. 

The afternoon trip started off the same way, with us pulling some decent fish over the rail. But, the weather began to deteriorate a little, and fishing conditions got tough. We held our own, putting a couple dozen keepers on the boat before heading home in a bumpy sea. 

Sunday’s all day trip for fathers day turned out to be a good one. It was very wet all day, with continuous rain. However, the fish were in a cooperative mood. The regulars that were on the boat caught their limit easily, some getting past 12 haddock to make up for the numbers on the boat. We anchored in 230 feet of water for most of the day, and managed to put about 220 keeper haddock on board. We had to contend with a healthy cod bite as well, all of which were released safely and unharmed. All in all, it translated to good fishing.

Days are booking quickly for the heart of the season. Call soon to get your spot at the rail… please call 978 559 1978


Friday, June 7th, 2019 Fishing Report

Today’s trip was a slow pick all day. We had an open boat all day trip with 35 people on board. The weather was beautiful all day, with a couple foot swells and the sun shining for a change. We had some sick passengers on board despite the nice weather. I bring this up to make the point that you should always take some sort of motion sickness medication if you are not sure how to handle a day on the water. It’s not worth chancing it.

As far as fishing was concerned, we only managed to put 120 keepers on the boat. It was a grind all day, with no spot standing out amongst the others. The fish were down very tight to the bottom and were feeding very lightly. It took a deft touch and some good concentration to fish effectively. When you fish as many days as we do, you are bound to have slower days…..

The pool winner was a 6 lb. haddock, one of the nicer ones we have seen in a little while.

For more information or to make a reservation, please call us at 978 559 1978. Booty or Carolann will be happy to help with your reservations or to answer any questions you may have.


June 1st, & June 2nd, Fishing Reports

Saturday’s all day charter with the Carman Fire Department from NY was another good one. With 35 people on board, we managed to put around 250 fish on board. The weather was foggy, with very little wind. This allowed us to drift all day.   

Sunday brought us a 3/4 day charter, from 7am to 1pm. This group was a mix of friends and family who heard about us and decided to go on an adventure just for fun. It was foggy again, with no wind and flat seas. What an awesome trip. With only 13 of them, putting 80 keepers on the boat made for impressive numbers. They caught fish on both bait and jigs, in 240 feet of water.   Trips like these two are what we’re all about here at the Gloucester Fleet. It’s fun and refreshing to see groups of family and friends catching fish and just having fun in general.

The phone is ringing all the time, so if you and your group want in, call us soon. 978 559 1978.


Friday, May 31st, Fishing Report

Today’s trip was a real pleasure of a day. We only had 20 people on board, but still managed to put over 200 fish on board. We had to cull through some short haddock, but the work was well worth it. We also saw some redfish, Pollock and cusk. The pool winner was a 10 lb cusk. For those of you looking to make a trip,  bait fishing is still the most effective way to get it done. However,  when the tide permits, jigs are still producing. 

The month of June is booking up quickly, call soon if you want in on the action. 978 559 1978


May 19th, 2019 Fishing Report

Sunday’s trip was a private charter aboard the Lady Sea. What an eventful day it turned out to be. Despite the strong southerly wind, we battled out to the east where we’ve gotten fish in the last couple of days. The decision paid off. In a sharp sea of almost 5 ft, we still managed to boat just under 200 haddock with only about half of the boat actually fishing. When the boat is moving so violently, it makes effective fish catching tough. However these guys and gals did a good job of persevering. We did come in a little early to spare some of our greener guests too many hours of misery. But all in all, we pulled it off.

Call soon to make your reservations. Trips are filling up fast! 978 559 1978.


May 17th & 18th Fishing Reports

Friday and Saturday this week were two polar opposite days. 

Friday we had 20 people on the boat, but the conditions were harsh. The tide, wind and sea were very difficult opponents. We marked fish all day, with a couple of anglers catching 10 fish or so a piece. The rest of the boat had a tough day in the wind and rain. All in all, not a good day.

Saturday on the other hand, was the perfect day. We had a full boat of 40 people, and around 3ft of seas on the ride out. As the day went on, the weather got beautiful, and the fishing got spectacular. During the last two stops of the day (totaling over 3 hours of fishing time), we boated around 400 keeper haddock. We also had Pollock and cusk mixed in, with a 10lb Pollock winning the pool. 

Just another example of why we call it fishing!


Finally – April/May Fishing

April 28th, 2019 All Day Fishing

What an up and down start to the season. The first trip of the year was punctuated by tough fishing and lots of bottom covered. We went out to Tillies due to bad fishing reports from multiple boats that went to Stellwagon bank. Throughout the day, we covered over 17 miles of bottom (we saw a lot of fish on the sonar), and only ended up producing around 50 keepers.   

May 4th, & May 5th, 2019 All Day Fishing

This week we went out Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was a private charter that saw steady fishing all day, culminating in us reaching our limit without a problem. It was an awesome trip, and we even saw the sun peek through the clouds for a little while!   Then, I was reminded of the difference a day can make. Sunday’s open boat trip was painful for me as a captain. We spent the morning in the same place that produced the day before, and had none of the same results. Again, marking fish all day, but just not catching. We made one more Hail Mary stop close to shore on the ride in and managed to put another 20 fish on the boat.    We’ve had some good reports come in about the bite on stellwagon finally starting, and hope that this signals the start of some good haddock slaying.

Give us a call at 978 559 1978 and book a trip. The fishing is always great, even if the catching doesn’t always meet our expectations. 


August 25th, Week End Wrap Up

Week End Wrap Up

Last weekends open boat fishing trips produced some good fishing and some slow fishing, just as the previous couple of weeks.

Saturday’s 3/4 and Half day Fishing Reports

Saturday we had a 7 to 1 trip in the morning. We put a good 70 fish on the boat. It was a good mix of redfish, haddock and cusk.

The afternoon trip was half way decent, we managed to catch around 25 keepers. The wind and sea conditions made it tough to feel the bites, but everyone did a good job in spite of it.

Sunday’s All Day Fishing Report

Sunday’s all day trip was uncharacteristically slow for most of the morning, with scattered haddock and redfish coming over the rail. We put in the work though, covering a lot of bottom. The last stop worked out the best, with haddock and bigger Pollock. We also caught a bunch of really nice codfish in the 10 to 15 pound range. The catch of the day was a 35 lb plus Pollock caught on a jig in the last 5 minutes.


Upcoming Trips:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday – All Day Fishing Trips

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