Friday, June 7th, 2019 Fishing Report

Today’s trip was a slow pick all day. We had an open boat all day trip with 35 people on board. The weather was beautiful all day, with a couple foot swells and the sun shining for a change. We had some sick passengers on board despite the nice weather. I bring this up to make the point that you should always take some sort of motion sickness medication if you are not sure how to handle a day on the water. It’s not worth chancing it.

As far as fishing was concerned, we only managed to put 120 keepers on the boat. It was a grind all day, with no spot standing out amongst the others. The fish were down very tight to the bottom and were feeding very lightly. It took a deft touch and some good concentration to fish effectively. When you fish as many days as we do, you are bound to have slower days…..

The pool winner was a 6 lb. haddock, one of the nicer ones we have seen in a little while.

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