Finally – April/May Fishing

April 28th, 2019 All Day Fishing

What an up and down start to the season. The first trip of the year was punctuated by tough fishing and lots of bottom covered. We went out to Tillies due to bad fishing reports from multiple boats that went to Stellwagon bank. Throughout the day, we covered over 17 miles of bottom (we saw a lot of fish on the sonar), and only ended up producing around 50 keepers.   

May 4th, & May 5th, 2019 All Day Fishing

This week we went out Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was a private charter that saw steady fishing all day, culminating in us reaching our limit without a problem. It was an awesome trip, and we even saw the sun peek through the clouds for a little while!   Then, I was reminded of the difference a day can make. Sunday’s open boat trip was painful for me as a captain. We spent the morning in the same place that produced the day before, and had none of the same results. Again, marking fish all day, but just not catching. We made one more Hail Mary stop close to shore on the ride in and managed to put another 20 fish on the boat.    We’ve had some good reports come in about the bite on stellwagon finally starting, and hope that this signals the start of some good haddock slaying.

Give us a call at 978 559 1978 and book a trip. The fishing is always great, even if the catching doesn’t always meet our expectations.