June 15th, & June 16th, Fishing Reports

Saturday marked our fist day of 3/4 day in the morning, and 1/2 day in the afternoon. 

The morning trip produced decent fishing, with a lot of customers going home with a haddock for dinner. The tide was a little harsh, making it tough going for the people who aren’t avid fishermen. The best advice I can give in those situations is to listen to the crew. The anglers who listened and payed attention, are the ones who caught fish. 

The afternoon trip started off the same way, with us pulling some decent fish over the rail. But, the weather began to deteriorate a little, and fishing conditions got tough. We held our own, putting a couple dozen keepers on the boat before heading home in a bumpy sea. 

Sunday’s all day trip for fathers day turned out to be a good one. It was very wet all day, with continuous rain. However, the fish were in a cooperative mood. The regulars that were on the boat caught their limit easily, some getting past 12 haddock to make up for the numbers on the boat. We anchored in 230 feet of water for most of the day, and managed to put about 220 keeper haddock on board. We had to contend with a healthy cod bite as well, all of which were released safely and unharmed. All in all, it translated to good fishing.

Days are booking quickly for the heart of the season. Call soon to get your spot at the rail… please call 978 559 1978