April 30th & May 1st, Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday, April 30th, Fishing Report

This weekend was a mixed bag for both the fishing and the weather. Saturday was a rough day, with winds around 20mph, and 4ft seas. But, the fish were active and we ended the trip with a respectable number of keeper haddock on board. The pool winner was a 10lb cusk. 

Sunday, May 1st, Fishing Report

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday: sunny with a 5mph breeze and 2ft seas. However, the fish were significantly less hungry, and we had to work for every fish that came over the rail. After 4 days straight of high winds and rough seas off Cape Ann, it looks like the nice day lulled everything to sleep. 
Even though the fishing changed so much over the course of a couple of days, some things stay the same. Our dedication to trying to give customers the best experience possible in shifting fishing and weather conditions never changes. When the weather is less than ideal, we attempt to fish in areas that are more protected.  If we think that’s not possible, we cancel. We are also sticking to a 35 person max in order to give our customers space to enjoy their fishing time. We’re still not charging a fuel surcharge despite the rising cost of fuel; we’ll try to continue this way as long as possible in an effort not to drive up the cost of a trip. 
So give us a call, and give us a try. We’ll always do our best for you.