May 14th – May 16th – Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, May 14th 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel Friday’s trip due to a scheduling mistake with the Coast Guard. For that we would like to apologize to our customers. Sometimes, even the captain makes mistakes….

Saturday, May 15th, Fishing Report

Saturday’s marathon was was one of the nicest weather days we will see all year. It was 70 degrees, without a breath of wind all day. We started out the day on southern Jeffrey’s, and although there was a ton of life, the fishing was slow. The whales, dolphin and basking sharks were a great distraction though. As the day went on, we worked our way east with much more success. Through the afternoon the fishing was much more productive, and the numbers added up well by the end. It was a real pleasure drifting all day and catching fish. 

Sunday, May 16th, Fishing Report

Sunday’s all day trip actually topped Saturday in all ways. The weather was slightly cooler, and there was a small amount more wind. The fish were very active throughout the whole day, after 1 slow hour first thing in the morning. Being in the right place when the tide changes is a big part of a successful day, and Sunday we did just that. We had a above average pick for a few hours, drifting along at about .3 knots. Then we ended the day with a great stop that saw us put another 70 fish or so on board in a matter of 45 minutes. We averaged about 9 fish per person, with the more experienced anglers reaching between 15 to 20 fish. Both jigs and bait were productive all day.
The weather is getting nicer, and the phone is ringing. Make sure to get reservations in before trips fill for the summer.


Sunday, May 2nd, Fishing Report

Sunday, May 2nd

Well, I’m writing this report while sitting outside the breakwater waiting for the guys to finish filleting. We had ourselves a day today aboard the Lady Sea. One stop shopping, 15 miles from home, in 250 feet of water.

There was noticeably more life out there today, balls of bait and whales all over on the ride out. As soon as we stopped, the fish started coming over the rail, and it lasted for over 2 hours. Bait or jig, it didn’t matter; everything worked. We had a true boat limit in those 2 hours, with everyone catching 15 keepers by 11:30am. The fish were all of good quality and size, very few shorts, with most fish in the 4 to 7 lb range. Very rarely do we see fishing at such a sustained pace for hours on end.

This was definitely one for the books. The pool winner was a 15lb pollock that beat out a couple of large cusk. 


April 24th & 25th Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, we lost Friday due to wind, but the rest of the weekend was nice weather for fishing. 

Saturday, April 24th

Saturday’s all day trip started off slow in the morning, with a slow pick through the slack tide. However, an exceptional hour long stop around noon time produced a steady and fast bite. The fish were biting both bait and jig. The water temperature is on the rise, and the fish seem to be livening up. 

Sunday, April 25th

Sunday’s trip was a private half day charter.  It was nice to get a chance to explore closer to home for the day, because we’ve been driving over some interesting signs of fish on our way offshore for the last week.  The signs didn’t disappoint. The bite was never fast or heavy, but conditions allowed us to drift and pick for hours.  The rain held off, and the little bit of wind completely disappeared for late morning. 


Sunday, April 18th, Fishing Report

Sunday, April 18th, Fishing Report

Sunday was a surprisingly nice day on the water. After losing Friday and Saturday to bad weather, a 3ft swell and sun shining made for a beautiful day.

The fishing,  on the other hand, was very slow. We tried many different stops, ranging various different depths and types of bottom. It was a slow pick all day that didn’t amount to a great day of catching. It definitely wasn’t for lack of trying, but some days go that way.

As a company, all we can promise sometimes is our best effort. 



April 9th – 11th, Weekend Wrap-up

April 9th Fishing Report

Friday was another slow day of searching for fish up on Jefferies ledge.  The signs of life were there, but no real bite ever came out of it. We tried anchoring and even motor drifting to no good end. Towards late morning we made the decision to take a long ride out to the east. The last couple stops of the day produced some fish for people to go home with.

April 10th, Fishing Report

Saturday we spent the majority of the day where we ended on Friday, we gave up on Jefferies for the day.  The morning bite was very productive, with both jig and bait producing.  It’s a lot deeper water there, ranging from 250 to 280.  The bite did die out through the tide change, but overall it was a much better day of fishing.


I’d like to say, that we are running limited capacity trips for a couple of reasons right now: first to be more covid safe, providing better distancing for our customers. The other reason is for comfort and ease of fishing.  The lower capacity allows people more rail space, which in turn should reduce the amount of tangles. However, that idea is undermined when customers try to fight for rail space on the stern or bow of the boat. It’s imperative that people use all the space available to them to make the day more manageable for everyone. 

April 11th, Fishing Report

Lastly, Sunday was an awkward and uncharacteristic happening for us. We decided on Saturday that we would give Sunday a shot despite the northeasterly wind that was forecast. The NOAA weather report was only calling for 2 to 4 foot seas. However, on Sunday morning, we got over 10 calls from people trying to cancel due to the 5 foot seas out on the fishing grounds.  Because a lot of our patrons on Sunday were weekly regulars of ours, we decided to cancel the trip that morning.  All of the parties except for 3 were happy with the decision. We understand the aggravation of those parties, having driven to the boat so early just to be turned away. We apologize for the inconvenience, while also hoping that people understand that we try to make decisions we feel are in the best interests of our patrons. As a company, we do not like to take people into rough weather and provide a bad experience at their expense.  If this philosophy does not work for you, we understand, but it has worked for us for over a decade.  

We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to getting you out on the water in a fun and safe way.



Friday, April 2nd, Saturday April 3rd, and Sunday, April 4th…..
Fishing Reports

Fishing season has finally come. We got out on all 3 day’s last weekend, despite Friday being less than ideal weather wise. 

Friday had a full 20 knots of wind and a 4 to 5 foot sea. It made fishing difficult, and searching for fish even harder. We picked a few fish throughout the day, but admittedly it was not our best production.  We went south east, out to the east edge of Stellwagon Bank, and worked our way north up Tillies ledge. 

was a much better day on the water weather wise, which freed us up to do some more looking. In the morning we went to Jefferies Ledge. The bite was just mediocre for the morning. As the day went on, we shifted south and east to some bottom we’ve had luck on in the past this time of year. That decision worked out. We had a steady pick of haddock and cod for the rest of the day, and we stayed out a little late to get the numbers up. 

was the nicest day of the week, and we made the choice to spend the day fishing where we ended Saturday. The morning was productive, the haddock and cod held along the edge pretty well.  The day consisted of as lot of short moves, following the schools as s they slid around.  

All in all, not a terrible first weekend. We had some really slow fishing at times, but we zeroed in on better bites as the weekend progressed. The first weekend can be tough, we haven’t fished in months and have no idea where the fish are hanging out. But we’re into the season now. 

Make sure you call for reservations, trips are filling fast with limited capacity.


September 12th, Fishing Report

Saturday’s Marathon Trip

Today’s marathon was a good one.  The weather report was a a little dicey, but the day turned out a lot better than we hoped.  We drove out into a 3.5 ft sea coming out of the east, and a light wind.  

We have been seeing dogfish outside on our typical all day fishing grounds, so we decided to fish closer to home.  We started out 14 miles from home; it was a great decision.  We covered all of 5 miles of bottom through the entire day. We made only 5 stops over 8 hours of fishing.  The whole boat had over 250 keepers on board by the end of it.  The majority were healthy haddock, but we also caught nice codfish, Pollock and cusk.  The pool winner was a 15lb Pollock.  It was a very productive day.  
Don’t forget, we have 3 more weeks of being able to keep some codfish.  Weekends are either full, or almost full. 
For reservations please call us at 978 559 1978.


September 2nd & September 3rd, Fishing Reports

September 2nd, 3/4 Day Fishing & Thursday, September 3rd, All Day Fishing Reports

We have been running 3/4 day trips on Wednesdays every week, from 8 to 2. Offering a shorter trip for those who aren’t interested in being on the water for a full day or longer.

This weeks Wednesday trip was a little tough. With a steady 15 kt wind, we had to contend with a 3 to 4 ft sea all through the trip. The rough sea conditions make it difficult to feel the bottom, and know when you’re getting a bite. We did manage to boat some nice haddock, cusk and redfish.

Thursday’s all day trip was the polar opposite of Wednesday. The dogfish outside have been kind of thick, so we decided to stay a little closer to home; 17 miles on a piece of bottom we call straw hat. It was a good choice. The wind was so light, we drifted for hours, maintaining a steady pick of haddock the entire time. With a few decent Pollock and cusk to top the day off, everyone went home with plenty of fish.

September is looking very busy, with a lot of trips already booked up. Make sure you call asap to reserve a spot, otherwise you may not get the chance.

Winter is coming fast, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the last of summer before it’s gone.

For reservations please call 978 559 1978.



August 12th, 3/4 Day Fishing Report

Wednesday, 3/4 Day Fishing Report

What an awesome day to be on the water.  We ran our first 3/4 day trip of the season today, and it was a big success. 

The weather was beautiful, 10kts of southerly wind and a 1 to 2 foot chop.  The crowd was light (less than 20), which made for distancing and fishing accommodations.  We anchored the boat in 200 feet of water, 8 miles east of Gloucester.  The bite started instantly, with healthy haddock coming over the rail for a solid hour. The bite slowed down through the slack tide, but picked up again on the other side of the change.  All told, we managed to put approximately 60 fish on the boat, with a number of throwbacks as well. 

Next 3/4 day trip is Wednesday, the 19th, from 8am – 2pm.  If you have the opportunity to fish during the week, take advantage of our limited fishing trips this year.  It makes for a very pleasurable fishing experience.  

For reservations please call us at 978 559 1978.







August 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th Fishing Reports

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday fishing reports

Apologies for not getting fishing reports out for each day this week.  We fished Thursday through Sunday, all 4 days were full day trips.  

Thursday and Friday were very hard days of fishing.  With the full moon on Tuesday, the tide was screaming for the beginning of our weekend. We managed to catch some fish, but it was very slow going.  Friday was the worse of the 2 days by far though. We covered a lot of miles throughout the day, as well as alternating between drifting and anchor. Nothing worked well.  
Saturday and Sunday were far different stories though.  
The tide finally settled down on Saturday.  The little breeze in the morning caused us to anchor, with only mild success fishing wise. By mid day, there was so little wind that we ended up drifting in approximately 250 ft of water. For 2 hours we had a great bite that produced a big number of haddock.  
Today, there was too much wind to effectively drift.  We made 4 anchor stops before noontime, catching fish sporadically around the boat.  True to form from the previous day, the bite strengthened steadily for the last couple of hours.  The day added up to good fishing. 
Trips have been filling quickly with our reduced capacity to remain covid-safe, so call for reservations.