August 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th Fishing Reports

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday fishing reports

Apologies for not getting fishing reports out for each day this week.  We fished Thursday through Sunday, all 4 days were full day trips.  

Thursday and Friday were very hard days of fishing.  With the full moon on Tuesday, the tide was screaming for the beginning of our weekend. We managed to catch some fish, but it was very slow going.  Friday was the worse of the 2 days by far though. We covered a lot of miles throughout the day, as well as alternating between drifting and anchor. Nothing worked well.  
Saturday and Sunday were far different stories though.  
The tide finally settled down on Saturday.  The little breeze in the morning caused us to anchor, with only mild success fishing wise. By mid day, there was so little wind that we ended up drifting in approximately 250 ft of water. For 2 hours we had a great bite that produced a big number of haddock.  
Today, there was too much wind to effectively drift.  We made 4 anchor stops before noontime, catching fish sporadically around the boat.  True to form from the previous day, the bite strengthened steadily for the last couple of hours.  The day added up to good fishing. 
Trips have been filling quickly with our reduced capacity to remain covid-safe, so call for reservations.