Friday, April 2nd, Saturday April 3rd, and Sunday, April 4th…..
Fishing Reports

Fishing season has finally come. We got out on all 3 day’s last weekend, despite Friday being less than ideal weather wise. 

Friday had a full 20 knots of wind and a 4 to 5 foot sea. It made fishing difficult, and searching for fish even harder. We picked a few fish throughout the day, but admittedly it was not our best production.  We went south east, out to the east edge of Stellwagon Bank, and worked our way north up Tillies ledge. 

was a much better day on the water weather wise, which freed us up to do some more looking. In the morning we went to Jefferies Ledge. The bite was just mediocre for the morning. As the day went on, we shifted south and east to some bottom we’ve had luck on in the past this time of year. That decision worked out. We had a steady pick of haddock and cod for the rest of the day, and we stayed out a little late to get the numbers up. 

was the nicest day of the week, and we made the choice to spend the day fishing where we ended Saturday. The morning was productive, the haddock and cod held along the edge pretty well.  The day consisted of as lot of short moves, following the schools as s they slid around.  

All in all, not a terrible first weekend. We had some really slow fishing at times, but we zeroed in on better bites as the weekend progressed. The first weekend can be tough, we haven’t fished in months and have no idea where the fish are hanging out. But we’re into the season now. 

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