May 14th – May 16th – Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, May 14th 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel Friday’s trip due to a scheduling mistake with the Coast Guard. For that we would like to apologize to our customers. Sometimes, even the captain makes mistakes….

Saturday, May 15th, Fishing Report

Saturday’s marathon was was one of the nicest weather days we will see all year. It was 70 degrees, without a breath of wind all day. We started out the day on southern Jeffrey’s, and although there was a ton of life, the fishing was slow. The whales, dolphin and basking sharks were a great distraction though. As the day went on, we worked our way east with much more success. Through the afternoon the fishing was much more productive, and the numbers added up well by the end. It was a real pleasure drifting all day and catching fish. 

Sunday, May 16th, Fishing Report

Sunday’s all day trip actually topped Saturday in all ways. The weather was slightly cooler, and there was a small amount more wind. The fish were very active throughout the whole day, after 1 slow hour first thing in the morning. Being in the right place when the tide changes is a big part of a successful day, and Sunday we did just that. We had a above average pick for a few hours, drifting along at about .3 knots. Then we ended the day with a great stop that saw us put another 70 fish or so on board in a matter of 45 minutes. We averaged about 9 fish per person, with the more experienced anglers reaching between 15 to 20 fish. Both jigs and bait were productive all day.
The weather is getting nicer, and the phone is ringing. Make sure to get reservations in before trips fill for the summer.