April 9th – 11th, Weekend Wrap-up

April 9th Fishing Report

Friday was another slow day of searching for fish up on Jefferies ledge.  The signs of life were there, but no real bite ever came out of it. We tried anchoring and even motor drifting to no good end. Towards late morning we made the decision to take a long ride out to the east. The last couple stops of the day produced some fish for people to go home with.

April 10th, Fishing Report

Saturday we spent the majority of the day where we ended on Friday, we gave up on Jefferies for the day.  The morning bite was very productive, with both jig and bait producing.  It’s a lot deeper water there, ranging from 250 to 280.  The bite did die out through the tide change, but overall it was a much better day of fishing.


I’d like to say, that we are running limited capacity trips for a couple of reasons right now: first to be more covid safe, providing better distancing for our customers. The other reason is for comfort and ease of fishing.  The lower capacity allows people more rail space, which in turn should reduce the amount of tangles. However, that idea is undermined when customers try to fight for rail space on the stern or bow of the boat. It’s imperative that people use all the space available to them to make the day more manageable for everyone. 

April 11th, Fishing Report

Lastly, Sunday was an awkward and uncharacteristic happening for us. We decided on Saturday that we would give Sunday a shot despite the northeasterly wind that was forecast. The NOAA weather report was only calling for 2 to 4 foot seas. However, on Sunday morning, we got over 10 calls from people trying to cancel due to the 5 foot seas out on the fishing grounds.  Because a lot of our patrons on Sunday were weekly regulars of ours, we decided to cancel the trip that morning.  All of the parties except for 3 were happy with the decision. We understand the aggravation of those parties, having driven to the boat so early just to be turned away. We apologize for the inconvenience, while also hoping that people understand that we try to make decisions we feel are in the best interests of our patrons. As a company, we do not like to take people into rough weather and provide a bad experience at their expense.  If this philosophy does not work for you, we understand, but it has worked for us for over a decade.  

We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to getting you out on the water in a fun and safe way.