June 11th – 13th Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, June 11th through Sunday, June 13th Fishing Report

Well, not too much to report from fishing this past weekend. We went all day fishing Friday and Saturday, and marathon fishing on Sunday. All three days had about the same weather, nothing rough throughout. The fishing was just all around mediocre.  Since the beginning of June when the temperature shot up, the fishing definitely slowed down a bit. Average to slow fishing was the story of the weekend, with some customers coming close to the ten fish mark, and others doing significantly less.  It didn’t seem to matter whether you used bait or jig; Sunday the codfish were biting pretty much anything put in front of them unfortunately. It wasn’t for lack of trying though, we definitely put in the work to catch what we did.  Anyone who fishes regularly will tell, you can’t crush it everyday.  The new moon definitely played a role, with a running tide making things unmanageable at times. 

We’d like to put our appreciation out there for our customers who fish with us week in and week out, no matter what the fish decide to do.  We can’t make them bite for you, but we’ll always give you folks our all.