July 15, 16 & 17th, 2016 Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, July 15 Marathon

A steady pick from start to finish. It was a nice day to be on the water, the fishing was good, the catching was good,
and everyone seemed to have a good time.


Saturday July 16

Saturday 3/4 day trip was very similar to many trips this year, a steady pick. The ¾ day grounds continue to produce a good mix of bottom fish with a cusk taking pool honors.  The anglers that tend their lines, change their bait frequently, and take instruction, usually have the best success. The dog fish were a nuisance again and we strongly suggest, fishing 1 baited hook as close to bottom as possible.




Sunday July 17

Sunday full boat ½ day fishing was a very pleasant surprise. We found a nice pick of fish, some very nice cod that of course were released alive, a couple nice 7 lb cusk, a couple big redfish,  and a bunch of keeper haddock. Most notably, very few dog fish. Our best ½ day trip of the year so far.


Schedule for this week is:

Wednesday, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Friday, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Saturday, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Saturday, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm
Sunday, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm

For reservations please call us at 978 559 1978.

From The Deck of The Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

Weekend Wrap-up July 9th & 10th, 2016

Saturday July 9, 2016

In the morning, we had a group of 17 anglers visiting for a bachelor party. The weather was better than we expected, a little left over roll from Friday’s blow, but very comfortable. We had a few showers around, but nothing to prevent us from completing the trip. The fishing was good, we hit found some nice redfish on the first stop. The second spot had more haddock, of the small variety, with a few keepers mixed in along with some mud hake and whiting. The last spot we found a couple pollock, more redfish, and the green eyed dog fish. Good time had by all, except for the couple that were still suffering from the night before.

Sunday July 10, 2016

Full day charter. One of the crew’s favorite charters of the year. We were at max capacity in terms of numbers of people and riders for this corporate function and the ocean had picked up a 2 to 4 foot swell that we pounded into to the fishing grounds. It was overcast and misty to start the morning, but eventually it became party sunny. There were quite a few people that found these conditions not to their liking.

The fishing was good, but the catching of the desired species was only ok. We caught a little bit of everything, haddock, cod, cusk, redfish, pollock, but caught a lot of dog fish. We would stop on a place, the haddock bite would start, and the dogs would take over. We worked through them, around them as best we could, the more experienced anglers produced decent bags of fish, the less experienced produced tangles. Probably our worst day in terms of dogfish of the year, hopefully they are passing through to inshore grounds.

It’s going to be a great weekend.  We have the following trips available:

Saturday, July16th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am-1pm
Saturday, July 16th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm

Sunday, July 17th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, July 17th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm

For reservations, please call 978 559 1978.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Thursday July 7, 2016 Back from RI

This group had such a great time on their first charter in June, they came back and did it again. Unfortunately, the ocean did not cooperate for many passengers. The weather was nice, but a NE flow created some rocking motion to the boat and that did not settle well with the contents of people’s stomachs. So half the group was out of the action for most of the day.

The fishing was good, would have been better if more lines were in the water. Haddock, cod and dogfish graced our deck. Cods and dogs were returned to the ocean unharmed. The fishing and catching has been very productive over the last 6 weeks, the weather has become summer like, and we are available for open boat trips and charters, just give us a call at 978 559 1978.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Monday, June 27th, 2016 Fishing Report

Monday June 27 The BEAT CONTINUES

Monday we hosted a veteran’s group on a full day fishing day. A group of 50, slightly larger than what we like to take, but we couldn’t say no to this group. Because of the forecast, we went slightly south of where we have had most of our recent success so that the seas were more on our stern for the ride home. It was still bumpy, but comfortable enough to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The fishing and catching was very good, with a good number of large haddock, for a change, very few cod, but still getting hit by dog fish. Due to the number of anglers and the sea condition, we had a few more tangles than normal which kept the catch rate down a bit. ADVICE: This time of year, one sinker, one hook, one piece of bait is all you need to catch fish. Multiple hooks increase tangle chances considerably and higher hooks tend to get more dog fish. Both those situations will reduce the actual time your hook is in the water catching desirable fish…

We are now off to Bristol RI for their 4th of July activities where the Lady Sea will serve as the tender boat for the  USS Arlington (LPD-24), a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock, is the third ship of the United States Navy to be named for Arlington, Virginia, the location of the Pentagon. Like her sister ships, USS New York and Somerset, she is named in commemoration of the 11 September 2001 attacks. Steel taken from the Pentagon after the 11 September attacks is displayed aboard in the ship’s museum.

The USS Arlington honors the 184 victims and the thousands of emergency,
fire and rescue personnel of Arlington County and localities in the
National Capital Region who provided critical emergency assistance after the attack.

The Navy will be offering free tours of the USS Arlington this weekend.  Please call the Bristol Coast Guard Station at 401 253 9585 for the schedule.


Our regular fishing schedule will resume on Friday, July 8th.

Friday, July 8th, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Saturday, July 9th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm
Wednesday, July 13th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Wednesday, July 13th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm
Thursday, July 14th, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Friday, July 15th, MARATHON TRIP 5AM – 5PM
Saturday, July 16th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Saturday, July 16th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm
Sunday, July 17th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, July 17th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm

From The Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew



Friday, June 24th, 2016 All Day Fishing

Fishy Friday Full Day Fishing Fun, June 24, 2016

According to many of the regulars that we have come aboard, this may have been our best full day trip in 2 or 3 years.

“Best day I’ve had in at least 2 yrs.  Not only that, the people fishing were great. ( maybe because of the amount of fish) Perfect weather”.

The first stop was an anchor stop that lasted 2 hours of good size haddock. Eventually the dog fish took over and we moved on, but much of the catching was in the bag. We made a couple more moves, caught more haddock and cusk along with a couple Pollock in the mix. It was a beautiful day on the ocean with great catching results and a group of very happy anglers.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

Thursday June 23rd, 2016

Thursday June 23, 2016

A beautiful day for a 3/4 day charter to explore the Funny Hump. We took a full boat on a ¾ day that provided a mixed bag of keepers, haddock, cusk, red fish, and Pollock. Many nice cod were caught and released today along with our allocation of dog fish. The crew had recently discussed the fact we had not seen many whales this year, but that changed today, we found them, on the Funny Hump.  A very nice whale show with breaching and feeding. We also had a large basking shark visit as well. A picture perfect day for ocean adventures.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Father’s Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday June 19, Father’s Day, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Father’s Day always brings out a nice crowd. We left the dock a little late with a full boat after a few technical difficulties. Many times during the trip, we were not sure if we could successfully finish the trip, but with some Yankee ingenuity, and a little luck, we were successful.

The fishing was very difficult today, mostly caused by the ever increasing SW wind causing the boat to swing angrily on the anchor.  This led to an increase of tangles limiting some fish catching time for most anglers. The forecast was 10-15 knots, 2-4 ft, we had steady 20 knots right out of the gate. The wind continued to freshen and by the time we headed back to Gloucester, we had solid 3-6 foot chop hitting the boat sideways. A new level of rockin and rollin.

Those that could manage to tend their lines were rewarded with a nice pick of haddock, many nice cod were caught and released, and a few nuisance dog fish.  Despite the weather challenge, this hearty group of anglers seemed to enjoy their Father’s Day.Sample Pictures


Saturday June 18, ¾ Day Open Boat

The ¾ day fishing grounds have been producing a nice mixed bag of fish. This day was just perfect to be on the water, we had a full boat. The fishing was good to very good with a mix of keeper haddock, cusk and red fish coming aboard. We also had a few dog fish, but very manageable. Close to 100 keepers were bagged today. Just one note: It is not okay to spit sunflower seed shells on the galley floor.

Saturday June 18, Half Day Charter

After attempting to clean the sunflower seed shells from the morning trip, we played host to a wedding celebration ½ day fishing charter. This was our first trip to the ½ day fishing grounds. The members of this charter made it memorable for the staff as the bride and groom came dressed as pirates, we had many Captain Stubings, a bunch of Gilligans, an Olive Oyl, and a mermaid.

It was a fun trip for the customers and crew.

The fishing was not very good, we caught a few haddock, whiting and mackerel, but this group was more about having a good time and that they did.


Welcome Aboard Mates!



 Friday June 17, Full Day Charter

We took a small group of 14 people out fishing on a sun splashed calm day. The fishing was very good all day, we started the day with a long drift that produced many nice haddock. We made a couple moves, continued to drift and catch fish, but we also got caught up in some ghost gear. So we made a long move and finished the day on the anchor picking away at more haddock. A nice gathering of haddock and cusk went home with this charter, a great day to be on the water.

IMG_0060We also had a few close up shark sightings, we had a blue shark investigate our presence,
a huge basking shark swam by our stern,
and it looked like a porbeagle shark followed a fish to the surface.

Wednesday June 15,  ¾ day trip

We were able to put a trip together for 20 people that took us to the ¾ day grounds. It was a nice day with good fishing from start to finish. We caught some nice haddock, released some very nice cod, and caught some of the largest red fish we have seen this year. A couple cusk rounded out the table fare captured today.

This weeks trips are:

Wednesday, June 22nd, Half Day Trip 1:30pm – 6pm

Friday, June 24th, All Day Fishing 7am -4pm

Sunday, June 26th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm

Sunday, June 26th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm

For reservations, please call us at 978 559 1978.  

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew





June 10th & June 11th Fishing Reports

Friday June 10, 2016  Marathon Mania

It was a bumpy ride to the fishing grounds this morning. It stayed that way until late morning when the wind backed off and the ocean settled down. After that, it was a beautiful day to be on the water. The fishing was terrific from start to finish.

Most fish caught today were haddock, we came within 10 fish of reaching our boat limit for the day with many anglers getting their personal limit. That’s over 300 haddock on the boat!  If this were August, we would have easily captured our cod bag limit as well, but all cod were released for another day. Sprinkle in some cusk and pollock to round out the keeper catch. We anchored most of the day, but finished with a long drift that produced from start to finish. We had to spend some time outside the harbor to complete our fish cutting and processing before docking.

It appears a new body of fish have invaded our fishing grounds with many more haddock in the 4-6lb category, which is a good thing. One keeper for every throw back is the best ratio we have had this year.haddockgroup haddock61016

Hi, this is Mike Rivette, here are some pics from our 6-10 trip, the Odog fishing club had a great time! Thanks for the enjoyable trip.

Saturday June 11, 2016

Today we played host to a private full day charter. The fishing was very good most of the day with a little dry spell during mid day. The weather was calm in the morning, late morning the clouds started to approach and by the time we headed home, the wind kicked up out of the south 15-20 knots with white caps slowly forming.

Most fish caught were haddock, with cod coming in a close second. We had some nice cusk and pollock appear as well. The big fish for the day was a nice 10 lb cusk. High hook had 12 keepers, with most getting 4-6 keepers. Dog fish chased us from a couple fishing spots as the big females have made their way to the fishing grounds. It is that time of year.

Available trips for this week:

Wednesday, June 15th – 3/4 Day Trip     7am – 1pm
Thursday, June 16th –    All Day Trip       6am – 3pm
Saturday, June 18th –    3/4 Day Trip      7am – 1pm

For reservations, please call 978 559 1978.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew





Weekend Wrap-Up Fishing Reports

Saturday June 4, 2016, Mixed Bag Event

Today we hosted a mix of a charter and open boat trip with many of our regulars in attendance. We left the dock under cloud covered skies with light mist. As we headed out past Ten Pound island and the breakwater, the fog engulfed us and we carried that to the fishing grounds. We met a 2-3 ft easterly swell that we banged through to the fishing grounds. On the fishing grounds, we had mostly foggy conditions, flat calm seas, the sun tried to show through the fog and it did from time to time.

The fishing was a mixed bag of good to very good with a variety of fish at every stop. We did some exploration in the morning to different parts of the bank, unfortunately we came across some ‘ghost gear’ at our first couple stops that made it challenging, though we were able to pick a few fish off those spots. The catch included cod up to 18 lbs, a good number of haddock with 1 legal fish for every 3 sub legal fish that we caught today, a couple cusk and 5 keeper pollock, the most keepers of pollock this year. If you didn’t hear, Andy caught a pollock today, a solid 5 lb pollock, about half the size of the pool winning 10 lb pollock, but if you didn’t hear, Andy wants everyone to know he caught a Pollock along with some nice haddock. Only a handful of dog fish today, which is a good thing.june54


The ride back to the dock was uneventful with foggy conditions all the way back to the breakwater and the same 2-3 ft. swell carrying us home. A very nice day of fishing aboard the Lady Sea.

Sunday June 5th, 2016

Our first 3/4 day open bot trip left the dock under muggy, mostly skies. Driving into the fog, it was chilly with calm seas. When we returned to the dock, the sea breeze made it very chilly.

The fishing was good, we had a good ix of fish, most fish were cod which were returned to the ocean and a number of haddock and few small Pollock. We have not spent much time on the inshore grounds to figure what is really going on, but still a very good trip. A 6 lb haddock with shoulders was the largest fish though there was no boat pool due to lack of interest. A couple dog fish and a small wolf fish round out the catch.

This week we are looking to fill the following trips…..

Wednesday, June 8th, Half Day Fishing  1:30pm – 6pm
Thursday,  June 9th, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Friday, June 10th, MARATHON TRIP 5AM – 5PM
Sunday, June 12th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, June 12th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm

Please call 978 559 1978 for reservations. 

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew



Monday May 30, 2016 Memorial Day

Monday May 30, 2016 All Day Fishing

Full day fishing on Memorial Day with 24 anglers aboard, we headed out the river under cloudy, rainy skies. It did not look like much fun when we left the harbor, a little southerly wind with a light 2 foot chop in heavy rain. But as luck would have it, the wind died out, the rain went away, and the ocean became flat calm. A great day on the ocean, the fish were hungry and we were there to feed them.

Letting the customers write the fish report as they left the boat, “great trip” “lots of fun” “really had a great time” “yeah, we got fish, lots of fish!” The fishing was good in the morning, very good during mid day, and we left the haddock biting at the end. When it was all done, everyone was tired of seeing the elusive cod that hampers our catching ability of keeper haddock, they have almost become dog fish type nuisance. I guess in the end, that is a good thing, sort of.

Catch included mostly cod again, a good number of haddock, better than yesterday, a few more cusk in the mix with a couple more pollock. A 10# cusk stole the pool today, but  not a surprise, as haddock don’t have the density of cusk. Another very good day aboard the Lady Sea.


Next week we have the following trips available………..

Friday, June 3rd, All Day Fishing  7am – 4pm
Saturday, June 4th, All Day Fishing  7am – 4pm
Sunday, June 5th,  3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, June 5th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm

Give us a call at 978 559 1978 to make your reservations soon.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew