Two Full Day Trips – Friday and Saturday May 19 & 20th, 2017

Friday, May 19th & Saturday May 20th, 2 Full Day Trips

We went back to the shallow water hunting for haddock. Though it seems the fish are smaller as the Bank has been picked over by boats from Gloucester to South of Boston, we were able to put some very good catches together with plenty of action. Pollock have also moved in with most being small, with a few keepers in the mix. Friday’s pool winner was an 8 lb Pollock. Saturday was an 8 lb haddock caught by our most irregular angler, Hammer, for the second week in a row. We caught and released cod up to 15 lbs on both days, plenty of sculpin and eel pouts kept everyone busy.  Yesterday’s catch was over 400 fish.

This spring has been special in terms of easy fishing and catching. Fun for all ages, school is winding down, weather is warming up, come to Gloucester and get some fresh haddock while the opportunity exists.  The fishing has been over the top excellent!

We have the following trips this week…….

Wednesday, May 24th   All Day Fishing     7am – 4pm
Saturday, May 27th      MARATHON TRIP   5am – 5pm
Sunday, May 28th,       All Day Fishing      7am – 4pm
Monday, May 29th,         All Day Fishing    7am – 4pm

Remember, these are the final all day trips for the Spring Special of $56.00.  Give us a call at 978 559 1978 to make your reservation.