Sunday, July 7th, All Day Fishing Report

This Sunday’s all day trip was bittersweet. First off, the weather did not cooperate for the first half of the day. With a 4 foot sea coming out of the northeast, it was a rough ride out in the morning. Because of the seas, we decided to only go out about 13 miles, instead of the 19 to 22 that we’ve been doing lately. 

The decision paid dividends though, as we managed to put a solid 190 keepers or better on the boat. We had 37 passengers on board, and only about 30 fished effectively. 

Unfortunately, we had our first real all day battle with the dogfish. But as in other years past, it seems we have to fish through the dogs to get the quality haddock we’re looking for. 

The weather in the morning was about as rough as we are willing to take people out in. The only reason we continued on with the day, was the prospect that it was going to continually improve as the day passed.  Thankfully the weather people got it right.

In other news, the official regulations have been solidified for the rest of the season. 15 haddock per person, with no closure until March. As well as 1 codfish per person from September 15 to September 30th. Because of these changes, the last 2 weeks in September will be very popular, book your trip soon. Also, we will be fishing right through to November this season, weather permitting. With plenty of haddock around and the Pollock showing up, it should make for a great fall.

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