Saturday, July 27th, & Sunday, July 28th, Fishing Reports

Saturday morning we had a 7 to 1 open boat trip. The boat was full, and the weather was beautiful. The fishing wasn’t spectacular, but we managed to put a few dozen keepers on the boat. All in all a decent trip. 

Saturday afternoon was an open boat half day trip. With the wind blowing a little bit out of the south, we chose an area to the due south of Gloucester. The decision wasn’t a bad one. We managed about 30 keepers with just 30 people on the boat. The numbers don’t sound that impressive, but with a bunch of first time anglers and children on board, we consider that a win. We even had a group from the morning trip decide to come out on the second trip with us because they enjoyed it so much. 

Sunday’s all day trip was another full boat aboard the Lady Sea. We had a great mix of first timers and experienced anglers. Action was the word of the day. We caught fish steady all day, and we saw all the different species available to us in our corner of the ocean.  The morning haddock and Pollock bite was decent, but the dogs got a little overwhelming after a while. We also had to battle through the large cod, which were feeding voraciously. The largest of which topped out over 25 lbs. In the afternoon we changed areas to avoid the dogfish. We caught beautiful haddock, as well as a bunch of smaller Pollock and nice redfish. We also saw some big cusk and big Pollock. Awesome day on the water, with a lot of happy customers. 

Don’t forget that our brief window of allowable codfish is quickly approaching. September 15th, through September 30th, will mark the first time in 4 years that we can land cod. If they’re biting like Sunday’s trip, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to go home with a couple of big cod fillets to put in your frying pan.

Call for reservations, we’re expecting it to be s busy time for us.
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