July 13th, & July 14th, Fishing Reports

Saturday we had a private charter from 8 to 5. The weather was very cooperative, with just a slight breeze and a sunny, warm sky all day. With 40 anglers on board, we managed approximately 160 keepers throughout the day. However, it was a little bit of a battle. The dogfish have officially moved in all over the place. Although they’re here, the fishing is still pretty good, it just takes getting to the bottom quickly and making sure that you stay really tight down there. 

Sunday’s trip was an open boat all day trip, that was full at 40 people. The day proved to be very much the same as the day before, with those who knew how to stay tight to the bottom doing very well. We had about 140 keepers for the day, with more than half of those caught by 12 people. It’s a tricky game, trying to avoid the dogs and catch the desired fish. The most effective anglers tend to fish just 1 hook, while keeping there sinkers basically touching the bottom. It can be risky keeping your weight that tight to the bottom, they get caught and broken off sometimes. However it is a good trade off when you see the difference in production compared to those fishing higher up in the water column. 

Remember………. the official regulations have been solidified for the rest of the season. 15 haddock per person, with no closure until March. As well as 1 codfish per person from September 15 to September 30th. Because of these changes, the last 2 weeks in September will be very popular, book your trip soon. Also, we will be fishing right through to November this season, weather permitting. With plenty of haddock around and the Pollock showing up, it should make for a great fall.