August 8th-12th, 2018 Wrap -Up

During last weeks fishing, we covered a lot of bottom on the lady sea, as well as many different sets of conditions.

August 8th & 10th, Fishing Report
On Wednesday and Friday, we had  two 3/4 day trips. One open boat, and one private charter that has been coming with us for over 5 years now. Both of the trips produced average catch results. The haddock were biting at a respectable pace, and we didn’t have a dogfish to speak of.


August 11th, Fishing Report
Saturday was our all day trip. It was a long day of trial and error. We started fishing on the northern part of tillies, and made our way south throughout the day. The tide made life difficult with tangles, and the dogfish were constantly present. At the end of the day, we made 8 stops, covering 12 miles of bottom. The numbers of landed fish added up better than expected (130), but were still on the low side of average.

August 12th, Fishing Report
Sunday was another private charter, this one an all day trip. With 35 people on board, and armed with the previouse days knowledge, we headed in a different direction. The difference a day makes. We made our first stop at 10 am, and we stayed there for 3 hours. We didnt see one dogfish all day. The group on board was a large family, a bunch of which didnt even fish. By the end, we boated around 200 haddock, with a sprinkling of cusk, redfish and pollock mixed in. A great day.


Last week was a perfect example of why they call it fishing, and not catching. We don’t get it right all the time. And somedays, the ocean is tough to deal with, in many different ways. That being said, you cant have the great days unless you keep trying. Haddock fishing will shut down in mid September again this year, so the days are running out.

Call soon to book, because everything seems to be filling up quick lately. As always, we limit our spaces to 40 to make your trios a little easier at the rail, but that means space is always limited. Hope to see you soon.