August 3rd, & 4th, Fishing Reports

Saturday’s 3/4 day trip was a really nice morning on the water. We had a full 40 people on board, who managed to do a pretty good job fishing. We ended up with a mixed bag of about 60 keepers. From haddock and Pollock to redfish and cusck. With a little breeze, and temperatures in the low 70’s, it was a beautiful trip. 

Saturday afternoon was the 1:30pm to 6pm half day trip. The fishing was a little on the slow side, but the families on the boat had a blast all the same. We caught a couple of dozen keeper fish, but more importantly, the kids on board had a lot of fun experiencing the ocean for their first time.

Sunday’s 7 to 4 trip was a great day. We had 40 anglers on board, and they did an awesome job. Fishing to the southeast of Gloucester, the tide was tough to manage. But, this boat load of people handled it like pros. We avoided any stops where the dogs were overwhelming, and had a great steady day of fishing. With over 160 haddock, 30 or 40 Pollock and a whole mess of redfish, we had a great day. The pool winner was a 16lb pollock. 

Next trip is a 3/4 day on Wednesday. For reservations please call us at
978 559 1978.