Weekend Wrap-Up Fishing Reports

Saturday June 4, 2016, Mixed Bag Event

Today we hosted a mix of a charter and open boat trip with many of our regulars in attendance. We left the dock under cloud covered skies with light mist. As we headed out past Ten Pound island and the breakwater, the fog engulfed us and we carried that to the fishing grounds. We met a 2-3 ft easterly swell that we banged through to the fishing grounds. On the fishing grounds, we had mostly foggy conditions, flat calm seas, the sun tried to show through the fog and it did from time to time.

The fishing was a mixed bag of good to very good with a variety of fish at every stop. We did some exploration in the morning to different parts of the bank, unfortunately we came across some ‘ghost gear’ at our first couple stops that made it challenging, though we were able to pick a few fish off those spots. The catch included cod up to 18 lbs, a good number of haddock with 1 legal fish for every 3 sub legal fish that we caught today, a couple cusk and 5 keeper pollock, the most keepers of pollock this year. If you didn’t hear, Andy caught a pollock today, a solid 5 lb pollock, about half the size of the pool winning 10 lb pollock, but if you didn’t hear, Andy wants everyone to know he caught a Pollock along with some nice haddock. Only a handful of dog fish today, which is a good thing.june54


The ride back to the dock was uneventful with foggy conditions all the way back to the breakwater and the same 2-3 ft. swell carrying us home. A very nice day of fishing aboard the Lady Sea.

Sunday June 5th, 2016

Our first 3/4 day open bot trip left the dock under muggy, mostly skies. Driving into the fog, it was chilly with calm seas. When we returned to the dock, the sea breeze made it very chilly.

The fishing was good, we had a good ix of fish, most fish were cod which were returned to the ocean and a number of haddock and few small Pollock. We have not spent much time on the inshore grounds to figure what is really going on, but still a very good trip. A 6 lb haddock with shoulders was the largest fish though there was no boat pool due to lack of interest. A couple dog fish and a small wolf fish round out the catch.

This week we are looking to fill the following trips…..

Wednesday, June 8th, Half Day Fishing  1:30pm – 6pm
Thursday,  June 9th, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Friday, June 10th, MARATHON TRIP 5AM – 5PM
Sunday, June 12th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, June 12th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm-6pm

Please call 978 559 1978 for reservations. 

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew