Captain and Crew Go Overboard to Save A Life

Article submitted to Gloucester Times by passenger after the crew of the “Lady Sea” put the health and welfare of one of the passengers as the priority.



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Here is what some of our customers have to say about their trip with Gloucester Fleet. We at the Gloucester Fleet believe that the Lady Sea is one of the finest party boat fishing vessels on the east coast, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself.


July 29, 2014

Booty, Mike, Carolann, As I checked the Gloucester fishing reports Monday, I was somewhat surprised and pleased by the fact that the words seemed to so accurately describe my own feelings. I cant start to tell you how many times I have tried to explain to people why I like The lady Sea. Maybe from now on I'll just carry the June 20, 2014 fishing report with me. I agree that we usually have a hearty group and The best people you would want to be on a boat with.for any amount of time. I personally have always had trips full of good fishing but the camaraderie and laughter are better. I Wanted you all to know how at least two of your patrons feel. I truly understand a lot about small business's and realize how hard it is to be the expert and have 31 customers telling you that they really have all the answers. Somehow you are able to listen without being outwardly annoyed. Its good to see the success you are having. Keep up the good work and we'll hope for calm seas and lots of fish and fishermen.

Alex Abrahams

/ Westchester NY

“Best trip ever. On Friday July 8th 2011 yesterday the boat left dock at 7 am. The first 2 spots we fished produced dog fish. Then Archy found the right spot. The bite was on. We were pulling up cod, pollak, hadock, cusk, constantly. I had 3 doubles in a row, some shorts had to be thorn back to grow bigger for next time that's ok. I was given the nickname Alex the double king. Rasta mike and I always compete for who's first, who's next and who will catch the most. The crew was very helpful and ready with a gaff and hands on to untangle the occasional crossed line. My fishing buddy Rasta Mike and I drove up from NY to meet cousin Mark Tolpin at the Lady Sea. Everybody caught fish. We had so many fish in the boat that other people were asking if we were using something special, no just using the clam bait provided and good luck. Near the end of the day Rasta caught a really big cod we thought it was definitely the pool winner. One minute latter somebody else brought in a Polllak that was just a little heavier on the balance. We fish in NY in long Island sound all the time but it does not compare to the excellent fishing and time we had on the Lady Sea. They do it right. We drove home with fillets and an 80 quart cooler full.”


/ Syracuse, NY

“June 18, 2011 One of the best fishing trips I have ever been on. Thank You!”


/ New York, NY

"Back in Saratoga, the memories of our voyage are still magical. Thanks to you all!!! You are first class!!! It was better than I could have dreamed and I do dream big!!! Thanks again!”

David Goewey | Greatbarr, MA

To the crew of the Lady Sea, I am droppin this line (haha) just to let people no that u guys r the best. I have been coming down to Gloucester for years and going out on another local “fleet” company and they have nothing on u guys. I am glad I found you this year. I am disabled with use of only one arm and Shawn was by far the most helpful dude I've ever met on a trip ever. He went above and beyond for me. GREAT GUY! As was the entire crew. Capt. Mike got us to the fish quickly and most professionally. We slayed em that day everybody caught plenty of fish. I even reeled in a couple with a little help from Shawn. Just an absolutely awesome trip all the way around. Thanks guys and girls. See ya soon. I will more than recommend you to everyone up here in Berkshire county! Hook line n sinker!

Stephen & Ann Sheldon

“Just a few words to thank you again for the wonderful fishing trip my wife and I just took with you on the Turbocare charter. We talked about it all the way home. You have us hooked, as we will be going out again with you real soon. Captain Mike was very professional and put us on to some fish. And tell him that when we come down, the lobster tails at Donut Jim's are on us. The crew went out of their way for everybody, and Ann and I are looking forward to the next fishing trip. I plan on putting the word out to everyone for you like I said I would. Thanks again. I will give you a call and line things up. ”

David Harris

“Mike and the crew are the "BEST" as well as Mom and Dad, This is a Real Family Business. They are one of the Best charters I've have ever been on! Friendly, helpful, and best of all, the boat produced Fish! I had 10 Keepers! Mike knew how to find the fish and Mom & Dad (Booty), were the reason I chose their company to spend my money and time with in the first place. I hope to go again soon and I wish them all the best, OH, and if your looking for a Charter / Party boat, Look no further, you found it! Thanks for a great day! Dave”

Arch MacLeod, SR

“What a great 1st day of the season!!!Great weather, Captain, crew, and bunch of fishermen(and women).Just about everybody caught their limit. Told ya Mike we were going slay them fish, remember real fishermen never feel sorry for the bait LOL!! If you like fishing, you got to go with The Lady Sea!!!!”

A.J. Orlando

“What a great time aboard the Lady Sea! The boat was full of good company along with an even better crew. Capt. Mike Mann kept us on the fish all day long which made for a great day of fishing. If your hungry grab some good eats from the very cute galley girl 😉 now what more can you ask for. I cant wait until next time!”

Peter Ciarametaro

“Had a great time , thanks to Captain Marco and crew looking forward to next year's trip. Special thanks and good luck to Booty, Carolann & Mike”


“Great day fishing with Capt Mike & crew. The whole family is involved in the business. Everyone was friendly, helpful, & treated us like we were good friends. Everyone on the boat caught something, though some had better luck than others. The crew filleted the fish Jim caught, and when the boat returned, the on site restaurant cooked them up in a fish fry for us. A great day fishing, and the best fish I've ever had ! Hope to see y'all next time we are up that way. ”