Sunday, May 13th, 2018 Fishing Report

May 13th, Mother’s Day – Fishing Report

Sunday’s trip was one of the best yet. Holy haddock!

With a full boat of 40 people, some would expect that the fishing might be difficult. However, that’s the reason that we cap our trips at 40 on board the Lady Sea; it’s a very manageable number for us. On other boats of similar size, you might find upwards of 65 people, which can make it tough to fish effectively.

Well, with 40 people, our limit is 400 haddock. And on Sunday’s trip, we only came up short of that number by 9. That’s right, we bloated 391 haddock! We made about 5 stops throughout the course of the day, and the fishing was respectable at the first 3. The 4th stop was a dud. But the 5th and final stop of the day was an all out blitz. We have been anchoring and the fish have been coming in waves. The other exciting news is that both bait and jig have been working effectively lately, so no matter which you prefer, there’s something for you.

And lastly, the amount of wildlife that we are seeing all day is borderline unprecedented. Sure, we expect to see a lot of whales feeding this time of year. But it has been nothing short of amazing to see the displays that have been going on for us. Bait boiling the surface, multiple different species of whales and dolphin in the hundreds.

Come get in on the experience while it lasts. Available space on our open boat trips has been going pretty quickly, so call soon.

For reservation please call us at 978 559 1978.