June 16th – 18th, Weekend Wrap Up

Friday June 16, 2017 Marathon Friday

Today we had our second marathon of the year. It was a terrific success. We caught our boat haddock limit by 1pm and cut fish for 3 hours. An 8 pound pollock won the boat pool. The weather was breezy and chilly, but the fishing continues to be as good as it gets. The spring of 2017 will be remembered for a long time as one of the best haddock seasons in recent memory.

Our trips for the weekend are full, but if you are reading this report, keep in mind, the air temperature is 10-15 degrees less than the forecast on land and the breeze creates a wind chill, dress in layers. Also, the ocean is a bit bumpy, if you feel the need for motion sickness medicine, take it at least 1/2 hour before boarding the boat.

Here’s a review from one of our customers:

“Stocky, Applejack and I did the 5AM to 5 PM LADY SEA Marathon prior to boarding the Overniter with Yankee Fleet.  What a difference a day makes.  Had nice weather, nice seas for travel and good captain and crew.  Captain kept us on the haddock all day, and catch was consistent.  We boated close to 100 haddock, and this is where the story takes a turn.

I was fishing off the stern, with my back to the other two, fishing on the starboard corner.  Turned around to see how they were doing, and I watched them throw back a 18 1/2 to 19 incher!  I asked, “What the f— are you doing?”.  Their reply was “We’re throwing the small ones back, and only gonna keep the big ones.”  I said, “These aren’t Pollack, these are haddock, and don’t get much bigger!”  By then they had already thrown back 15-20 keepers!!!!!!  Well so much for limiting out………

I would recommend the Lady Sea for a trip, for friends, family, and this group.  Class outfit with knowledgeable captain and friendly crew.”


Saturday June 17, 2017 Two Trips, Two Results

The early trip, 3/4 day trip, 7am to 1 pm was the trip to be on today. The weather was overcast, no wind, fog and comfortable sailing. The first stop produced a few fish, but not as good as we had been seeing so we moved. The second stop was much better, the bite turned on, and bags and coolers started to fill. A 6 lb haddock won the boat pool.

The afternoon trip, 1/2 day fishing, 1:30 to 6pm was very different. We tried 3 different stops, plenty of fish on the sounding machine, just not many that seemed hungry. We had a tide change between trips, and that can have an impact. The weather was nicer than the morning, though, for some reason, we lost a larger than expected number of anglers to sea sickness. It was a strange, frustrating trip for crew and customers. The largest keeper was a 7 lb haddock. We did catch and release some nice cod, but what else is new?

Our schedule for this week and next:

Friday, June 23rd, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Saturday, June 24th 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Saturday, June 24th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm
Sunday, June 25th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Sunday, June 25th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm
Tuesday, June 27th, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm
Wednesday, June 28th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Wednesday, June 28th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm
Friday, June 29th, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm

For reservations please call us at 978 559 1978.