June 10th & June 11th Fishing Reports

Friday June 10, 2016  Marathon Mania

It was a bumpy ride to the fishing grounds this morning. It stayed that way until late morning when the wind backed off and the ocean settled down. After that, it was a beautiful day to be on the water. The fishing was terrific from start to finish.

Most fish caught today were haddock, we came within 10 fish of reaching our boat limit for the day with many anglers getting their personal limit. That’s over 300 haddock on the boat!  If this were August, we would have easily captured our cod bag limit as well, but all cod were released for another day. Sprinkle in some cusk and pollock to round out the keeper catch. We anchored most of the day, but finished with a long drift that produced from start to finish. We had to spend some time outside the harbor to complete our fish cutting and processing before docking.

It appears a new body of fish have invaded our fishing grounds with many more haddock in the 4-6lb category, which is a good thing. One keeper for every throw back is the best ratio we have had this year.haddockgroup haddock61016

Hi, this is Mike Rivette, here are some pics from our 6-10 trip, the Odog fishing club had a great time! Thanks for the enjoyable trip.

Saturday June 11, 2016

Today we played host to a private full day charter. The fishing was very good most of the day with a little dry spell during mid day. The weather was calm in the morning, late morning the clouds started to approach and by the time we headed home, the wind kicked up out of the south 15-20 knots with white caps slowly forming.

Most fish caught were haddock, with cod coming in a close second. We had some nice cusk and pollock appear as well. The big fish for the day was a nice 10 lb cusk. High hook had 12 keepers, with most getting 4-6 keepers. Dog fish chased us from a couple fishing spots as the big females have made their way to the fishing grounds. It is that time of year.

Available trips for this week:

Wednesday, June 15th – 3/4 Day Trip     7am – 1pm
Thursday, June 16th –    All Day Trip       6am – 3pm
Saturday, June 18th –    3/4 Day Trip      7am – 1pm

For reservations, please call 978 559 1978.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew