July 22nd, 23rd, Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, July 22nd, 2018 Fishing Report

Friday’s all day trip was a little above average despite the tide picking up throughout the day. In the morning we had a great drift going, picking haddock at a steady pace. As the tide and wind both picked up, we had to drop anchor. The lines got sloppy, but there were lots of haddock on the bottom for those that figured out how to get down to them.

Saturday, July 23rd,  3/4 Day Fishing Report

Saturday morning’s 3/4 day trip was a good one, we managed to boat around 80 haddock on the funny hump. We also avoided the dogfish very effectively. We also caught some cusk, redfish and Pollack.

Saturday, July 23rd, July 23rd, Half Day Fishing Report

Saturday’s afternoon half day was the best one of the year yet. Which is a good feeling as a captain, because the last couple were very slow. We actually put 75 keeper haddock on the boat in 2.5 hours of fishing. The low pressure from the weather coming had the fish chewing hard. It was a lot of fun to catch fish like that just 6 miles from Gloucester harbor.

Sunday’s trip was cancelled due to bad weather.  For reservations please call us at 978 559 1978.