July 21st, 22nd & 23rd Fishing Reports

Friday, July 21st, Full Day Fishing

Busy day on deck for the crew, fighting through the dog fish, dealing with the moon current tangles, and keeping everyone fishing. Some people had big full burlaps, others had a few to take home, and some were just snake bit by dog fish. I saw a few double header dog fish come over the rail which is just another reason to fish 1 hook this time of year. We had our first blue shark sighting of the year, so we are almost in full August mode. There is a ton of life on the all day fishing grounds, it just takes a little luck and a ton of work to fight through the dogs.

Saturday July 22nd,  3/4 Day and Half Day Fishing.

The morning was a typical 3/4 day trip with a variety of fish coming over the rail at a steady pace. Again, we were haunted by the dog fish but we were able to get some of the targeted fish on the deck including haddock, cusk, Pollock and red fish. An 8lb Pollock stole the pool from a 6 lb cusk. By the way, the stretch of weather we have been having may be decreasing the bite a little, but has been perfect for going fishing.

The afternoon 1/2 day trip was a charter and the weather couldn’t have been more favorable for a boat ride. The inshore 1/2 day grounds have not been very productive the last few trips, so we decided to go back to where we had fished in the morning in hopes of the bite still being there. It’s a little longer steam, but is usually worth it. We were drift fishing, so we had a few more tangles, but the dog fish were not too bad. The short duration of a half day trip does not allow for much scouting and searching, as luck would have it on the day, the fish just weren’t interested in our offering in the afternoon. We scraped up a few fish, mostly red fish.

Just as a public service announcement to all that sailed with us Saturday. There is always something with a boat! Thank you for your patience, we discovered a small leak in our generator that limited our use of electricity, though all the necessary electronics were unaffected, the ‘luxury’ items such as the microwave, beer cooler, saltwater hose pump, and toilet flushing abilities were impacted. The crew did a great job improvising to limit customer impact and the trips went with out a hitch. This issue did not have any impact on our fishing, our safety, or ability to service the customer. Thanks again for being patient. The problem has been resolved.

Sunday, July 23rd………..

We had two trips scheduled with 3/4 full boats for both trips. When we left the dock, everything seemed fine, but once we got around the break water, we were greeted by a steady NE wind of 15 knots with a sea that had built to over 4 feet. This is fish-able and some boats did very well as it was a great jigging and biting wind. Our customers were not that thrilled with the adventure, so we packed it in early and canceled the afternoon trip. Four feet is not bad, but the spacing of the waves were only 5-6 seconds which compounds the discomfort. We took a hit financially, but for the experience, enjoyment and comfort, we made the right decision for the customer.

This week’s schedule:
Wednesday, July 26th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Friday, July 21st, All Day Fishing 7am – 1pm
Saturday, July 29th, 3/4 Day & Half Day Fishing
Sunday, July 30th, All Day Fishing 7am – 4pm