Father’s Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday June 19, Father’s Day, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Father’s Day always brings out a nice crowd. We left the dock a little late with a full boat after a few technical difficulties. Many times during the trip, we were not sure if we could successfully finish the trip, but with some Yankee ingenuity, and a little luck, we were successful.

The fishing was very difficult today, mostly caused by the ever increasing SW wind causing the boat to swing angrily on the anchor.  This led to an increase of tangles limiting some fish catching time for most anglers. The forecast was 10-15 knots, 2-4 ft, we had steady 20 knots right out of the gate. The wind continued to freshen and by the time we headed back to Gloucester, we had solid 3-6 foot chop hitting the boat sideways. A new level of rockin and rollin.

Those that could manage to tend their lines were rewarded with a nice pick of haddock, many nice cod were caught and released, and a few nuisance dog fish.  Despite the weather challenge, this hearty group of anglers seemed to enjoy their Father’s Day.Sample Pictures


Saturday June 18, ¾ Day Open Boat

The ¾ day fishing grounds have been producing a nice mixed bag of fish. This day was just perfect to be on the water, we had a full boat. The fishing was good to very good with a mix of keeper haddock, cusk and red fish coming aboard. We also had a few dog fish, but very manageable. Close to 100 keepers were bagged today. Just one note: It is not okay to spit sunflower seed shells on the galley floor.

Saturday June 18, Half Day Charter

After attempting to clean the sunflower seed shells from the morning trip, we played host to a wedding celebration ½ day fishing charter. This was our first trip to the ½ day fishing grounds. The members of this charter made it memorable for the staff as the bride and groom came dressed as pirates, we had many Captain Stubings, a bunch of Gilligans, an Olive Oyl, and a mermaid.

It was a fun trip for the customers and crew.

The fishing was not very good, we caught a few haddock, whiting and mackerel, but this group was more about having a good time and that they did.


Welcome Aboard Mates!



 Friday June 17, Full Day Charter

We took a small group of 14 people out fishing on a sun splashed calm day. The fishing was very good all day, we started the day with a long drift that produced many nice haddock. We made a couple moves, continued to drift and catch fish, but we also got caught up in some ghost gear. So we made a long move and finished the day on the anchor picking away at more haddock. A nice gathering of haddock and cusk went home with this charter, a great day to be on the water.

IMG_0060We also had a few close up shark sightings, we had a blue shark investigate our presence,
a huge basking shark swam by our stern,
and it looked like a porbeagle shark followed a fish to the surface.

Wednesday June 15,  ¾ day trip

We were able to put a trip together for 20 people that took us to the ¾ day grounds. It was a nice day with good fishing from start to finish. We caught some nice haddock, released some very nice cod, and caught some of the largest red fish we have seen this year. A couple cusk rounded out the table fare captured today.

This weeks trips are:

Wednesday, June 22nd, Half Day Trip 1:30pm – 6pm

Friday, June 24th, All Day Fishing 7am -4pm

Sunday, June 26th, 3/4 Day Fishing 7am – 1pm

Sunday, June 26th, Half Day Fishing 1:30pm – 6pm

For reservations, please call us at 978 559 1978.  

From the Deck of the Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew